An essential process for the development of finished products is welding.

Welding is a process of obtaining indissoluble joints, in which metal blanks are fused together with the help of welding equipment and current, obtaining a single whole product.





Application in industries

Welding is widely used in industries such as:

  • in the production of machines and equipment,
  • in construction,
  • in the production of furniture and shop equipment

It is an essential process for making structures, various metal products such as equipment casings, furniture frames, shelving systems, electronic equipment components, etc.

The most popular types of welding

The most popular types of welding are MIG and TIG welding.

The shielding gas is inert (for MIG welding) or active (for TIG welding).

Argon, helium or mixtures of these gases are used as inert gas, which do not chemically participate in the welding process, while active gases participate in the process of interaction between the electric arc and material melting.

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