CNC bending is a method that allows you to quickly bend previously manufactured product blanks with high precision, creating the end design of Your product. This applies to both simple as well as highly sophisticated parts that require series of bends to achieve end result.

CNC control provides identically accurate result if it’s necessary to manufacture a large number of identical parts, also if series of bends are required. Equipment precision 0,1mm.

Press brake that is used in the bending process - Amada HFBO-8025

Often CNC bending is used as an alternative for welding, thus saving the time as well as the expenses of the process, since it’s much faster and it doesn’t require any surface finish after this procedure. CNC bending allows to gain much higher end quality of the product, since there is no risk of deformation caused by high temperature, compared to welding, which is especially important for thinner materials.