Additional services

Spot-welding is a process, where two sheet materials are positioned on top of each other and welded together using the combination of pressure and the current that is conducted to them using electrodes. It is possible to spot-weld different materials.

Threading is used to create threads in pre-made opening using thread-making tool. Choice of material thickness is really important in this process to ensure that the thread will withstand the forces involved.

Self-clinching thread pressing
This process is used to make threads in very thin materials, where regular threading is impossible. These pre-made components vary in shapes and sizes, so depending on Your needs, the right type of thread will be used.

Countersink making
Countersinking procedure is used to make the screw head unexposed and in line with the material surface for visually appealing end result.

Rivets are used to connect two or more materials without the use of screws or welding. The use of rivets gives an opportunity to quickly change the part if needed. Rivet type threads are also available if other threading possibilities can’t be used.

Thread covering
Thread covering is crucial in powdercoating process to protect the thread from powdercoating and make it usable afterwards. Different techniques are used in this procedure and it depends on the needs of customer.