Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting is surface treatment process, where a fine flow of abrasive material is directed against the required surface. It perfectly cleans the surface from old coatings, rust and other components, preparing it for further surface treatment, like powder coating.

Parts that require abrasive blasting is inspected before the process, to ensure that parts will not be damaged in the blasting process. Aluminum parts like bicycle frames and components are always treated using only small pressure to achieve the best end result even for the thinnest parts.

Blasting cabinet with interchangeable abrasive materials is used in case of delicate parts that require special attention or exceptionally fine surface finish.

  • 3,00 x 4,00 x 7,00 (m) – industrial blasting with steel grit.
  • 1,00 x 0,80 x 1,60 (m) – Blasting cabinet with interchangeable abrasive material (glass beads, soda, aluminium oxide etc.)