Quality check is a requirement to ensure that our customer receives the best product possible. It includes regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment that is used for manufacturing process as well as examination of every end product.

Quality control process for powder coating includes coating thickness testing with certified coating thickness gauge unit (Calibration certificate G0858K16). It’s very important to regularly check the temperature in polymerisation ovens to ensure the quality as well as good adhesion between the coating and coated surface. In the powder coating process only high quality powders are used. Depending on customer needs it’s possible to order specific powder from needed manufacturer. On the request it’s possible to get the declaration of conformity for every powder used in the process.

To ensure the necessary end result, thread covering as well as the covering of certain part of the coating surface is done after consultation with the customer. Silicone plugs as well as heat-resistant tape are materials that are used the most in this process. High quality materials ensure that the covering process doesn’t leave any marks on the coated surface. On special cases, certain covering materials can be ordered directly from manufactured within few days.

Powder coating of HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized) surfaces includes certain procedures to ensure good adhesion between the coating and coated surface. Light abrasive treatment (mechanical or with abrasive blasting) is required to increase the adhesion. If this step is excluded, zinc oxide and hydroxide that covers the galvanized surface after reaction with water and air decreases the adhesion between the surface and coating. Thermal pre-treatment is also recommended to ensure that the surface after powder coating is as smooth as possible without any bubble formations that can happen on galvanised surfaces.

Product packing After powder coating it’s important to carefully pack the coated product to ensure safe transportation. We can offer not only traditional packing, but also an individual solution if it’s required.

Regular quality check is required to ensure high laser cutting quality and precision. Only highest quality materials are used in production process for further processing. Every part is being checked after cutting and surface finish is done if required to ensure highest possible quality. All the maintenance work is done regularly by TRUMPF specialists.

When CNC bending is required, every part is being checked to ensure that it has all the necessary measurements and angles to ensure high quality end result. We also consult our customers when creating the layouts from technical drawings, to ensure that finished product matches the requirements and measurements that are important for the customer.