Realizing that every successful collaboration is based on an “idea”, KNK MEFAB also offers prototyping and design services, which are especially important for starting the production of a new product.

In cooperation with the KNK MEFAB engineering team, we offer to develop drawings, 3D models and production solutions for your products, based on your ideas, wishes and requirements.

Development, in cooperation with the production company

Operational corrections

Serial production after a successful prototype

Since the development process is based on our production equipment and their technical parameters, we can also offer the production of a specific prototype immediately after the preparation of the drawings to give a better idea of the functionality of the product.

  1. Development, in cooperation with the production company – more rapid development of prototypes than development based on the parameters of our production equipment;
  2. Operative corrections – If corrections are necessary, their implementation is not problematic, since the development and production were carried out within the framework of one company;
  3. Serial production after a successful prototype – if the prototyping phase is successful and the products are planned to be produced in series, their production technology will already be drawn up and we will be able to start production immediately.

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Upon request, we provide delivery throughout Europe. Serving export customers for more than 10 years, we will ensure adequate and safe packaging of products as well as accurate labeling according to the product article numbers. Depending on the size of the order, we will offer the most convenient and most advantageous transportation option.


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