CNC bending is a method that allows you to bend both simple and very complex structural parts quickly and with high precision.

Thanks to the CNC control, the parts that will be repeated will be identically the same even if their execution consists of several folds. The accuracy of the device is possible up to +/-0.1mm.

Detail accuracy

+/- 0.1mm

Sheet sizes

Max 2500 x 1250mm

Material thickness

Max 10mm

Bending often replaces welding work, thus saving time and costs, as the process is several times faster and does not require post-processing, and gaining quality, as there is no risk of the part remaining pores or being deformed due to temperature changes.

For bending works, we use press equipment with which it is possible to bend parts up to 2500 mm and 10 mm thick.

We use equipment such as Prima Power, Coastone, Amada.

The main advantages of this bending method are thanks to the changeable tools and their lengths, which allow you to create a wide variety of bends.

They can also be complicated parts consisting of various bends, closed joints and elements where tinkering is required.

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